Hasselt DC1, Veldstraat 101,
3500 Hasselt

   Hasselt DC2, Trichterheideweg 2 ,
3500 Hasselt

Hasselt DC1

Datacenter Hasselt DC1
State-of-the-art Power and Cooling infrastructure we can guarantee your business continuity. 

Power and cooling infrastructure

  • 650 KVA grid connection with redundant HV feeds

  • Redundant ATS infrastructure with automatic switchover to generators in case of grid failure.

  • Redundant generators with 72h fuel onsite.  Contracts in place with two independent fuel suppliers within 24h for refueling.

  • 2N+1 Redundant UPS Systems (2x2x200KVA)

  • 2N HVAC Chiller capacity with free cooling

  • 2N+1 HVAC CRAC unit capacity in the IT rooms

  • 2N HVAC chilled water piping

  • 24x7-monitoring of the core datacenter assets
    (temperature, humidity and power)

Security infrastructure

  • High Resolution surveillance IP Cameras

  • INERT-certified alarm system

  • Multi-zone Protection Against Intrusion

  • VESDA Fire detection systems 

  • Burglar resistant safety doors

  • Water leakage detection system

  • Highly secured racks

  • Secure Storage Available

  • Security contractor is engaged to patrol the facility.

Grid connection

650 KVA

Rack Capacity

380 racks


950 sq meters

Service level agreement

99,995 %